Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I'll admit it. I've been two-timing all of you. Remember a couple of posts ago, when I told you that I had taken a new job? Turns out this job has a blogging requirement to it, so I've been writing up a storm over there. Take a look.

You'll all be happy to know that all that blogging, eating out and general food-world immersion has done nothing to quell my boundless appetite. In my precious spare time, I've been testing some recipes for All You magazine (Creepy Coffin Canapes, anyone?), throwing my first ever "Out like a lamb" party (yes, it was a lamb-themed party for 40 in our backyard. Merguez sausage, kofte, free-flowing wine, lamb shaped chocolates), and on the merit of said party, scoring a coveted invitation to our a new friend's annual Crab-Crackin' Bonanza. (The invitation read, "starts promptly at 7 with the crack of a claw.") Lest you thought I'd been eating Ryvita crisp toasts and bubbly water, rest assured I've been getting my full calorie requirements each day.

I'll post photos of the festivities soon, but in the meantime, go check out that other blog of mine. Or, even better, pick up the May issue of 7x7. You'll see a certain someone on the contributors page.....

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rja279 said...

I know that this is a month late, but "Fantastic!" I am happy to see that you are finally getting your due respect in San Francisco at 7x7. Your blogs keep me wanting to make the trek out west just to eat. Hello to Sarah. -Rob Aguilera